The Cow's Avenger Scrapbook
Marine Attack Squadron 211, The Wake Island Avengers

Hornet pilots secretly wish that they could hover like their jet's namesake. Thanks to Joe Moore, at least they can visualize a hornet hover!

Every Marine knows that Freedom doesn't always come with a runway. . . .

The battle cry that paralyzes the enemy with fear!

An Airshow for the off-season! Thank you Shaft!

A reminder for Cow's Liberal friends, courtesy of John Stewart Mill.

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    1. cockpit2.jpg filesize: 64.5 KB
      By popular request, a view of the first "Night Attack" variant's cockpit.

    2. eltoro95.jpg filesize: 118.1 KB
      This photo was sent to Cow by Mr. Steve Eisner--an accomplished Los Angeles aviation photographer.

    3. mather.jpg filesize: 56.9 KB
      On the road with Captain Dino "Machine" Peros USMC, Attack Pilot and Battle of Khafji War hero.

    4. grass.jpg filesize: 50.9 KB
      Yes, the Harrier can land in a pasture too (and stop before reaching the herd). We don't practice this anymore--engines don't eat grass as well as the Cow.

    5. norris6.jpg filesize: 39.1 KB
      A "Rolling Vertical Landing" at Bogue Field, North Carolina.

    6. 1988.jpg filesize: 42.5 KB
      Preparing to depart in a VMAT-203 Harrier at MCAS Cherry Point, NC during the summer of 1988.

    7. norris9.jpg filesize: 53.4 KB
      LtCol Gary "Nugget" Norris prepares for a vertical takeoff from a clearing in the North Carolina woods.

    8. norris10.jpg filesize: 16.6 KB
      Takeoff from the USS Peleliu in a VMA-311 "Tomcat" Harrier.

    9. flyby.jpg filesize: 15.2 KB
      "Cow" flies slot at the Portland Rose Festival in Hillsboro, OR with two Air Force F-16's and a Navy F-18.

    10. av8gun.jpg filesize: 33.6 KB
      Major Cecil "Kermit" Turner fires the 25mm cannon over California's Chocolate Mountains Bombing Range.

    11. climbav8.jpg filesize: 53.2 KB
      Captain Mike "Buck" Buckley climbs out over the Colorado River in a VMA-513 "Nightmare" jump jet.

    12. 211form.jpg filesize: 59.3 KB
      LtCol Frank "Dirtman" Durtche (the second-best looking attack pilot in history) leads a section of VMA-211 "Avenger" Night variant Harriers over MCAS Yuma, AZ.

    13. ch47form.gif filesize: 27.2 KB
      The kick-off of the Washington State Air Fair in Everett involved the Cow doing a formation "bow" with an Army CH-47.

    14. stepav8.jpg filesize: 52.1 KB
      A division of VMA-211 "Wake Island Avengers" in echelon formation enroute to the bombing range.

    15. backup1.jpg filesize: 43.5 KB
      Backing up past the Blue Angels during the 1996 MCAS El Toro Airshow.

    16. mtfuji.jpg filesize: 27.4 KB
      Cow took this photo of Captain Bill "Bull" Delaney as they passed Mt. Fuji after takeoff from Yokota AB near Tokyo, Japan.

    17. rocket.jpg filesize: 41.8 KB
      "Dirtman" and "Kermit" ripple four pods of 2.75 inch rockets over the Chocolate Mountains Bombing Range in California.

    18. wakeav8.jpg filesize: 48.9 KB
      A division of VMA-211 "Wake Island Avengers" led by LtCol Billy "Mello" Williams approach Wake Island from Hawaii. Remember Wake!

    19. britav8.jpg filesize: 50.6 KB
      Here's a bone for our Brit friends! Cheers mates!

    20. 542x2.jpg filesize: 24.4 KB
      Two VMA-542 "Tiger" Radar variants enroute to the bombing range with four 500 lb. inert bombs each.

    21. dayboat.jpg filesize: 49.8 KB
      A section of VMA-513 Day variant Harriers is captured by the famous aviation photographer George Hall as they prepare to launch from the USS Tarawa. (This photo is proprietary.)

    22. narefuel.jpg filesize: 39.9 KB
      Another interesting shot by Mr. Steve Eisner of a VMA-214 "Blacksheep" Night variant tanking over 29 Palms California during a Combined Arms Exercise.

    23. From November of 1994 until August of 1995, the Cow was fortunate to be in charge of a six aircraft Harrier Detachment that was--for the entire period--in a different country (or island) than its parent squadron! During a ten month period, VMA-211 Det "A" operated off of two aircraft carriers and bases in Hawaii, Wake, Okinawa, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, and mainland Japan. Supported by eight of the best Captains in the squadron ("Action," "Butts," "Digger," "E-Man," "Hawk," "Otis," "Sheriff," and "Slide"), a Navy Corpsman and the finest enlisted Marines in the world, the lengthy (and first 100% -408 Pegasus-powered) MEU(SOC) deployment was accomplished without a glitch. To those Marines and our Corpsman, the following photos are dedicated with heartfelt appreciation from the Cow.

        1. tankwake.jpg filesize: 46.5 KB
          Captain Tal "Action" Jackson plugs en route to Hickam AFB during our first leg to Honolulu from Yuma AZ.

        2. wakeroof.jpg filesize: 46.5 KB
          At Wake Island; standing on the roof of Base Operations with the Air Force KC-10 tanker and four of six Harriers visible on the otherwise vacant flightline.

        3. overcast.jpg filesize: 22.8 KB
          An interesting view of Captain Mark "Butts" Butler as he descends from the tanker for the last time before we arrived at Kadena AFB in Okinawa.

        4. detalpha.jpg filesize: 42.6 KB
          In Paya Lebar Singapore, photography was strictly prohibited, but the base commander did authorize this carefully-staged shot of the VMA-211 Det A officers: (front row, L-R) Action, Butts, Cow, Digger, (back row, L-R) E-Man, Slide, Otis, Sheriff, & Hawk.

        5. hvrboat.jpg filesize: 54.2 KB
          Cow snapped this photo of Captain Jim "Hawk" Hawkins executing a textbook vertical landing aboard the USS Belleau Wood during Exercise "Cobra Gold" off the coast of Thailand.

        6. belleauwood.jpg filesize: 38.6 KB
          The fantail of the USS Belleau Wood--a nice place to visit, but a lousy place to live.

        7. nightbw.jpg filesize: 40.3 KB
          The Belleau Wood would have been a lousier place to die. Landing at night in heavy seas was made tolerable by the superior performance of Brian "Digger" Phelps; our chief Landing Signal Officer (LSO). Don't try this at home!

        8. p-beach.jpg filesize: 87.8 KB
          The best view of the "Block O' Wood" is from a first-class hotel on Pattaya Beach, Thailand (see it in the distance--that's where it belongs!).

        9. elephant.jpg filesize: 51.6 KB
          Riding elephants in Thailand--hot, humid, and smelly--just like the boat!

        10. 6plane.jpg filesize: 34.7 KB
          A weary formation approaches the California coast from Hawaii.

        11. olive01.jpg filesize: 35.7 KB
          Back in Yuma, where the last of our jungle green jump-jets was about to assume the gray ("air superiority blue") used today. Olive might be great for hiding in the jungle, but it's easy to spot at altitude and almost unbearable on the tarmac during summer in the Sonora Desert.

        12. gray00.jpg filesize: 54.5 KB
          "Double Nuts" is configured with a GAU-12 25mm cannon on our Yuma flightline. Despite the contrary opinions of Hornet pilots, the Cow thinks that the Harrier is a pretty bird.

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