Summer - Fall 2018

Boy Goes To Summer Camp And Leaves His Toys Behind

But the downside is that the Cow didn't have any indentured servant to help him in the yard, and it is hot and humid, with rain almost every day.

With rain every day, everything grows so fast...

...soaked in sweat, the Cow got dizzy enough to stop for an hour

Poca ditched the Cow and went to watch Colombia play soccer

The Cow's company has purchased another oil company and picked-up the employees and business of a third that was driven into bankrupcy. It's a very competitive market and now the Cow is working the entire peninsula, from Jacksonville to Key West

It's all very exciting, but a great deal of work. Unable to get vacation time in over a year, the Tropical Cow will take Poca to the Dry Tortugas in July and hang out at the Marquesa in Key West for a few days.


Speaking of Boy, here he is at "Computer Camp"

No, wait! Computer Camp is where he wanted to go.
He's milking cows on Grampa's ranch in Colombia instead--for two months!

In Coral Gables dodging the incessant rain

This Page Updated: 3 July 2018