Winter - Spring 2018

Casual Saturday in the office, 6 January 2018

Moo friends. The Tropicow is in the thick of cruise ship season and developing the logistics base in Tampa alongside a new marine delivery paradigm that will see him spending more time in the ports.

Tropic Oil and Tropic Transportation are now delivering oil in ports from Jacksonville to Key West as ExxonMobil has expanded our territory. We have necessarily contracted with local neighbor Ryder Corporation to increase our fleet 50% and are realizing efficiencies of scale unknown before.

Growing always creates responsibility cracks and span of control issues, so the Cow has been hustling to stay ahead of emerging problems on both the regulatory and logistic fronts. It is challenging, but very interesting to take the blame for 3/4 of the company under bovine supervision. "To err is human, to forgive . . . bovine.


Specialty hydraulic fluid tank installation

Poca and Boy boxing, 6 January 2018

Boy has just memorized every one of the words for the 2018 Scripts Spelling Bee.
The fifth grade competition is 23 January. He will win again this year.

Driver rolls a transport fully-loaded with diesel Saturday afternoon...

...forcing the Cow to work on-site into the next morning

Laying on the valves, it was necessary to drill into the side to remove the fuel

It got very cold on January 6th

Tacos on the patio in Coral Gables, 15 January

The taco monster...

...and not just tacos.

The Cow decided to convert the dining room (which isn't used) into a classroom.

Boy wins 5th grade Spelling Bee on 23 Jan 2018

He's so happy to be done practicing with the Cow...

...and the Cow can go back to lifting heavy beers...

Boy ate too much lunch and bailed on seafood...

Bring your pest to work day, 2 Feb 18

Took Boy to trampoline center to play dodgeball...

...boys who spend too much time on computers fatigue quickly.

The President's bike

Poca bought this shirt as a Valentine's Day present

The Cow was having a nice day until a client appeared with a massive gasoline leak...

...and the Cow put on his angry face!

Sushi night...again

Salsa until 4AM

Cow can't keep up

With Cow's friend Shawn, President of Maxum Oil, Panama

Happy Birthday, Poca!

Dinner at Cafe Abracci with the CEO

Hi-ho Uber!

Sushi without Boy!

The Cow planted seven varieties of tomatoes in Miracle Grow on 1 March.
Above is nine days later.

On 1 April, they look like this.

22 April and at least 100 quarter-size green tomatoes coming in

Remodeling the Cow Palace is hard. Marble floors are harder.

The Cow is swimming in tomatoes, between 20 and 40 every day

Unfortunately, huge tomato hornworms have invaded as well

The Cow kills two dozen of these every day to avoid poison

The Cow's Venezuelan neighbors say that the Cow should fry the worms and eat them...NOPE!

The cilantro is growing faster than the Cow can graze it away...

Not everybody likes to work in "el jardin."

Almost done with remodeling...only the new counters remain

Happy Mothers Day!

Back to Panama...for different business this time

The Cow used to live just a few hundred yards south of the Miraflores Locks in 1999

In fact, you can just see the Cow's old house in Corozal, top left

Looking north, toward Gatun Lake and Colon on the Atlantic coast

Even aboard ship, the passage never gets old...

Two tractors pull the Galaxy Ace through the lock

Panamanian kids dream of being canal pilots and tractor drivers

Almost like Disneyland

Most folks don't know that yachts are allowed to share locks

He told the Cow that he was off to San Diego

Hanging out at the Trump Panama City "infinity pool"

Swimming to the edge is even more fun at night

Tomatoes doing well; insects doing better
Cow won't try this again, too close to the Everglades

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