Winter - Spring 2017

Time Flies When You Are Aerodynamic

Moo friends. The Tropicow is deep into cruise ship season and halfway through Fourth Grade . . . again.

Way back in late 2016, the Cow started getting milked for more of the personal anecdotes that he was known for before he embarked upon a life of crime (journalism). The Bovine has since resisted the siren song of public spleen-venting in a rather heroic fashion, though few credit the Hereculean discipline and vitamin-B lubrication involved. But, as with all good things, the entropy of Cow's accumulated debauchery is difficult to obscure in an age of search engines and Post Office felon notices, so many—with the notable exception of Anthony Weiner—have loudly proclaimed that further damage to the Bovine legacy would be well-nigh impossible. After all, if the Clintons can carry on, the Cow can too—and for tens of millions less $!


White Cows Can Jump and Shout

There is no season of the year that the Cow dislikes more than the two-week period that begins with Boxing Day. It’s not that this cursed stretch is also the nadir of the Bovine’s financial health year after year; it is because most professionals are on vacation and amateurs dominate all walks of life, from media to medicine and, these days, politics. (Free Cow tip: don't schedule colonoscopies before mid-January.)

Consider this scintillating headline from Geopolitical Futures: 2017 Will Be an Interesting Year. Evidently the first string headline writer is in Aruba, slathering his anatomy with some disgusting embrocation usually found ringing the high water mark of steamy oaken tubs in Aspen (erm, the Cow has only read about this practice).

How about this blast of the obvious from WaPo: Top U.S. Intelligence Officials Say Assange Has No Credibility. It takes a top intelligence official to diagnose an Australian pedophile who was raised in a cult commune with a national security credibility shortage? Surely the Peruvian embassy in London will toss him out now!

The Cow’s enmity for the heel of the calendar really has nothing at all to do with the opprobrium, calumny, and general censure that his unmatched dancing skills receive during this festive period. People know about Cow’s mastery of Rumba, Tango, Salsa, Flamenco, and of course, the bovine specialty: Danse du Ventre. For this reason, he is not permitted to enter many of Miami’s most popular night clubs. In fact, as a sign of their great respect, friends won’t invite the Cow to parties where dancing occurs, is discussed, or even contemplated.

It all started in college, with Cow’s nocturnal undulations at Chippendales while pursuing an MD (he never caught her). It wasn’t easy leaving his $1.95 per hour career bussing tables at Pea Soup Andersen’s in Buellton, CA, but when the scout spotted Cow pirouetting over a puddle of pea in the Garden Room, he delivered his pitch: “We are looking for guys with the right physique, personality and showmanship to join our team. Knowing how to have fun and loving people is a must. We’ll teach you everything else!”

Well, except for “loving people” (which the Cow charges extra for), the Cow was a natural! The only problem with the Cow being a Chip (beyond Cal Poly fertilizer humor) was that he and the other beefcakes had to develop individual routines that didn’t lend themselves to synchronization with other people. In fact, it took the Cow many mango seasons of intense study and dozens of restraining orders before he learned to synchronize with a woman who wasn’t busy calling the police. The Cow is indeed capable of deep love—just not with other people.

Wasted youth

So it seems that every year there are fewer New Year’s Eve parties that the intrepid Bovine can crash be invited to, and it is annoying Mrs. Cow . . . nearly as much as actually being called "Mrs. Cow." Therefore the Cow has been forced to compound an already horrid season of denied cynosure with a New Year's resolution not to take his shirt off on the dance floor, or dance with women uninvited (especially when they are already dancing with somebody). Killjoys.

                                                        Happy Moo Year!

                                            3AM: Can we go home now?

                                    Dad: "Welcome! Now go back to Miami!"

                                    Boy: "Start the New Year with...sushi!"

                                                Downtown Doral


                          Every day at work starts the same: the trucks roll out

                                                      A little too flowery...

                                                      A little too fruity...

                                      Cow smile atrophy between the first...

                                          ...and the last selfie. "No more!"

                                                      Enough make-up, let's roll!

                              The Cow installed a "heavy bag" in his office gym...

                                    Because this woman keeps beating him up!

The Cow has been udderly amazed by the mainstream media's election season abandonment of all pretense to objective journalism. For years, the NYT, WaPo, CNN, NBC, et al. at least pretended to mount a fig leaf of justification for the constitutional protections afforded "news," but no longer. The hypocritical uproar over "fake news" was really just a diversion from the real problem: "fake journalism." The mainstream media are now partisans, not press. They serve a constituency, not the public. They attempt to rig elections, not cover them. They have made themselves the problem, not the solution.

It is with these thoughts that the Bovine grazed across this piece by Conrad Black; it set-up serial sympathetic vibrations on the Cow's horns.

The “unbearable smugness of the press” reminds the Cow very much of the unbearable incompetence of contemporary educators, politicians, and Keynesian economists like Paul Krugman. The real message of Trump's election is one of failure: both parties, the mainstream media, the nanny-state hypocrites, and yes, the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, McCain, and Romney. The mountebanks of the global-warming fraud have suborned the EPA and assaulted energy production and capitalism generally. Virtually all federal agencies under Obama have become predatory and activist, from the IRS to the DOJ. What a corrupt mess.

                                                      Good riddance

Fighting Against the Sleaze

by Conrad Black       January 17, 2017


The CNN hype of the farrago of scatological nonsense about the president-elect and the Russian government ends the pre-inaugural interlude on an all-time triumph of media unprofessionalism, malice, and outright idiocy, by the most bigoted of all large American news outlets. The ne plus ultra in this steady, hand-over-hand climb to a summit of irresponsibility was achieved with the airing of a 35-page dossier of alleged Russian involvement with Trump and in harassments of the Clinton campaign. In it, many Russian officials, from Vladimir Putin down, are named, but almost no Americans are, except for an alleged Trump executive, which quickly proved to have been a case of mistaken or invented identity.

The dossier contained a very lengthy recitation of meetings and vaguely outlined initiatives, running the gamut from leaks designed to smear Clinton, to claims of possession of material that could be used to blackmail Trump because of louche or perverted sexual activity. Mercifully, there was one specific incident that will render this hideous canard unforgettable, a scarlet letter to its promoters: that Donald Trump engaged a group of Russian prostitutes to urinate in a bed allegedly occupied in a Moscow luxury hotel some years before by Mr. and Mrs. Obama. This was the Golden Gate, the Golden Shower, the perfect symbol of the demented media assault on the president-elect.

For such a curtain call in Inauguration Week, it was appropriate to provide the most deserving players: perhaps the most famous Buffalonian since Grover Cleveland, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who looks like he lives from paycheck to paycheck as a cameo visual impersonator of Victor Hugo, announced the “breaking news” of this inane file that had been bouncing around, beneath the notice of anyone except the scurrilous leftist “news” outlet BuzzFeed, for months. CNN’s Washington bureau chief, Jake Tapper, joined Blitzer in crackling on about this “exclusive,” supplemented by Michael Morell, a former CIA official who now works for a strategic advisory firm run by ex-Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines. Then came James Sciutto, “chief national-security correspondent” for CNN, who trumpeted “an enormous team effort by my colleagues . . . at CNN.” Admittedly, slogging through the unsubstantiated, vaguely formulated filth and skulduggery the CNN team picked up with a few digital clicks from BuzzFeed, an act approximating a couple of rabid raccoons’ scooping feces out of a garbage can, could be described as “an immense team effort” for people with any taste or professional integrity.

But the pièce de résistance waited its turn in the wings, and Tapper unveiled “the legendary Carl Bernstein,” to bestow credence on this malignant asininity. Still subsisting from the proceeds of the Nixon character-assassination, disbelieved even by his editor, Ben Bradlee (which did not prevent Bradlee from collecting his share of the journalism awards Watergate deluged on its perpetrators), Bernstein is a semi-extinct volcano. He led whomever watches CNN through a tangle of anonymous people: a former British intelligence agent, Washington research firms opposed to Trump, Russians who had dealt with Trump, and Russian sources for the report, all anonymous, but diligently uncovered, said Bernstein, rather than simply fabricated and published by BuzzFeed. Plus ça change. Let us take heart: Bernstein is forgotten, except at CNN, Richard Nixon (as I mentioned here last week) will never die.

Tapper and Bernstein alternated in working up apparent, implicit confirmations of sources that were firming up. (Wolf Blitzer worked for me when my associates and I owned the Jerusalem Post. When he quit us for a richer offer at CNN, I suspected he would get pretty far down-market when he asked me to give him a departure bonus for enhancing the Post’s prestige by moving to a larger employer. I always salute ambition, am inured to greed, but presenting unverified slander as enterprising journalism is not how we did it, in Jerusalem or elsewhere.) It seems obvious enough that the intelligence services tried to smear Trump, presumably with the encouragement of the outgoing administration, and one of America’s lowest media outlets finally took the bait. This was amplified by “an enormous team effort” at CNN, fluffed up by the benedictions of the hind-legs of the most egregious pantomime horse of myth-making in Washington history.

The reaction to Donald Trump’s January 11 news conference, in which he attacked BuzzFeed and CNN and declined to answer a question from a CNN reporter, varied from general public approval, even with some reservations about the president-elect’s rugged and brusque vocabulary, and the New York Times’s view that the media had to be more astute in their war on Trump. On January 12, Jim Rutenberg said in the Times that the takeaways on the news conference were that 1) “Mr. Trump remains a master media manipulator” who had managed to “delegitimize the news media and make it the story, rather than the chaotic swirl of ethical questions that engulf his transition” (as if the incoming president had purloined the Golden Shower dossier and planted it under Wolf Blitzer and Carl Bernstein’s noses) and 2) “the news media remains an unwitting accomplice in its own diminishment”: “It better figure things out, fast, because it has found itself at the edge of the cliff. And our still-functioning (fingers crossed) democracy needs it to stay on the right side of the drop.”

I read on with insatiable disbelief; this was the newspaper that had apologized, through its publisher and its editor, for its biased coverage of the election, two days after the Trump victory, and here it was commending BuzzFeed for putting out a story that “many news organizations, including this one, had [had] for months.” The danger was that “Mr. Trump’s ‘fake news’ charge against CNN, in front of many millions of Americans, went directly at the network’s core purpose as a global news provider.” Bingo, Mr. Rutenberg; that’s just what it did. Most people who see a lot of the media and are reasonably discerning don’t trust the media and think their core purpose is to deceive, misinform, and mold public opinion in an underinformed way to suit the groupthink of the mainstream media’s principal personalities. This was the downside of the theory of the husband of my dear late friend Kay Graham, of the Washington Post, of “the rough first draft of history.”

Will Rahn of CBS had it right on November 10 when he wrote of the “unbearable smugness of the press” and predicted that the response of the media to the Trump victory would not be that most Trump supporters were not fascistic imbeciles, racists, and chauvinists, but rather that there were a good many more such “deplorables” in the country than the media had imagined. Filmmaker Ken Burns, who has had a reputation of wholesome fairness, told a Stanford commencement address in June that Trump was a menace to democracy, and railed against the “troubling unfiltered Tourette’s of his tribalism.” On October 20, with the candidates neck and neck, he told the inevitable CNN that the election “was an existential moment for the United States of America . . . the greatest threat since the Cuban Missile Crisis and World War II.” Trump was using “the National Socialist playbook” and “the dog whistles of race and immigration.” He accused Trump of inciting mob rule and group hate, and of being an uncontrollably immature and deranged personality who threatened “216 years” of peaceful political transition.”

Burns seems not to have been reassured that Trump had not committed one electoral irregularity at the polls or in the submission of nominees for confirmation after the election. Burns’s abilities as a filmmaker are not at issue, but it was clear from his attempted homogenization of the Roosevelts in his documentary about them, his avoidance of the most insightful biographers of FDR, and his adoption of the feminist bunk that Eleanor was virtually a co-president, that in the uniquely complicated process of choosing a president, he was a technically sophisticated but intellectually stunted, undiscriminatingly hypersensitive sophomore. Meryl Streep sounded the same theme in accepting a Golden Globe award recently and fulminating about Trump being a xenophobic disparager of the handicapped. The mockery of the handicapped was one of the many incidents misinterpreted and amplified by the New York Times.

Of course, Trump is not a xenophobe, racist, sexist, chauvinist, or ungracious man, though he is bumptious, egocentric, and often infelicitous. If he were the carrier of the contagion of any such reprehensible characteristics as Burns and Streep, in their overwrought, quasi-artistic earnestness, impute to him, he could not have won the primaries — fair and square and though vastly outspent — of the Republican party, nor have won the election against a qualified candidate with a very large following who was supported by 90 percent of the American media and 95 percent of the vocal entertainment community.

The real message is that they all failed: both parties, the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, McCain, and Romney. Ronald Reagan left the country the world’s only superpower, prosperous, united, and content, set at the head of a respectful and grateful alliance. Then, as happens in the lives of great nations and empires, unchallenged by obvious threats, decay advances quickly on hairy, scurrying feet. The mountebanks of the global-warming fraud assaulted energy production and capitalism generally. These were not legitimate conservationists and vigilant environmentalists; they were frauds, demanding, for pseudoscientific reasons, the elimination of carbon use. The political landscape was also swarmed by the dopey-dreamy believers in the borderless state; the rich lefties, from the cleverest — Warren Buffett, padding around in corduroy trousers and a Viyella shirt asking that his taxes be raised while opening his pockets to receive the largesse of the Obama regime — to the dumbest, the physically well-favored Hollywood airheads and cokeheads calling for social justice while neglecting to pay the minimum wage to migrant aliens rolling their tennis courts and mowing their lawns. They became the iron-clad, locked-arm conventional wisdom.

This is a national deliverance and the resurrection of Norman Rockwell’s virtuous America.

They did not notice the 12 million illegal immigrants; the sleaziest pay-to-play operation of the federal government in American history; endless stupid Middle Eastern wars, in which the military were brilliant and the political leaders expanded the power of Iran while generating an immense humanitarian crisis; the worldwide economic debacle generated by the officially sponsored U.S. housing bubble; or that the U.S has become a worldwide foreign-policy laughingstock, a condition highlighted by John Kerry’s using the last week in which the taxpayers foot the bill for his travel to return to Vietnam, where he had falsely claimed to be a war hero, and betrayed the country and his comrades.

It has all been such a painful national scenario, and Donald Trump responded so unsubtly to the failure of the system — the presidential candidates, the Congress, the media, the bright people from Hollywood to Wall Street — that what is about to happen will not be seen, for a while yet, as the national deliverance and the resurrection of Norman Rockwell and Walt Disney’s virtuous America that it is. And most of the media and Hollywood will not be seen as the whipped jackals that they are. But what Wolf Blitzer and Carl Bernstein reported, and Ken Burns and Meryl Streep feared, has been averted. God bless America and its new leader, this 58th quadrennial Inauguration Day.  

— Conrad Black is the author of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom, Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full, and Flight of the Eagle: The Grand Strategies That Brought America from Colonial Dependence to World Leadership

                Embarrassingly, the Cow has to put grapes into his own mouth

    The key to a successful picnic is getting there before everybody else and leaving first

                                                  If you build it, they'll come

                                          Should have brought the hair clippers

                                        Trained Boy not to do this in the house

Before hitting the Cow, it is important to brag about his inchoate injuries while stretching

                                                  "I told you it was going to hurt."

                                  Boy lost a tooth on the herd's first anniversary

For three months, the Cow has been working with Boy (now known as "number six")
on the Scripps National Spelling Bee every day. Per Trump: "We are so tired of winning."

Two years ago he didn't speak English. It was a mistake to offer him money for victory

Unfortunately, Boy lacks humility in victory, unlike the self-effacing, magnanimous Cow

      "Bring Your Aspiring Young Executive to Work Day." I brought this terrorist instead.

            He wanted to know if he could also have body armor and a few weapons...

    Preparing for his first staff meeting. Nothing like a little pugilism to maintain discipline.

As soon as Boy sat in the Cow's chair, he started yelling at people, issuing ridiculous
orders, drinking Heineken, and admiring his reflection in the window.   That's my boy!

                        The Cow had to tell him three times to put out his cigar

He exceeded the load limit of a forklift and moved somebody's car onto the railroad tracks

A warehouseman taught him how to malinger behind inventory and demand "a sick day"

            After lunch, he hot-wired our stock car and blew a tire jumping the curb

            After loading 7,500 gallons of low-sulfur diesel, he squirted the driver

      He fired three people, including the company president and a passing FedEx driver

The chaos began when he opened the valve on a 23,000 gallon railcar full of MobilGard 312

The Plant Manager caught up to him before he emptied the second 40,000 gallon diesel tank

      At close of business, he announced that the oil business wasn't sufficiently
challenging and his plans to seek work as a video game evaluator hadn't changed....

                                    At Kuro in the Seminole Hard Rock


                                    OK, I'll hit you again Cow, body or face?

                                    Teaching Boy to bat...without letting go

                                    Usually, the Cow's shadow doesn't wear gloves...

                                    Visiting the Fight Club in downtown Miami

The Cow has found another worthy piece by Conrad Black that he wishes to share.

The decline of the U.S. under the direction of the socialist left (formerly Democrats), has arguably been abetted by a flaccid and lethargic conservative movement (formerly Republicans) that exists to perpetuate the status quo. The decay of America's social, economic, and political traditions has, until now, been met by tired ideas from Republicans that tinkered around the margins of public policy. That Trump has squared-off against both the left and the right has the media in full-tilt hydrophobia. Amusingly, the press is making more and more unforced errors as its collective temperature rises. Alongside this phenomenon, its messages (i.e. fake news) are further damaging its stock in trade. What fun!

Trump and the ‘Enemy of the People’

by Conrad Black       February 21, 2017


The media are indeed playing a harmful role.

What is utterly astonishing about the fierce contest between the national media and President Trump is that the media do not realize how despised they are by most Americans, and how richly, as a group (which contains many individual exceptions), they deserve to be despised. For 18 months Donald Trump campaigned with great energy all over the country, swept most of the primaries, many by astounding margins against a large field of candidates, and made a point of denouncing the national media as biased, self-serving, and malicious myth-makers. He referred to them hundreds of times as “liars,” and directed the very large crowds that he drew to the media section, and his supporters shook their fists in unfeigned rage at the press gallery. Did the complacent, bemused national press think they were paid plants or that it was all a spoof?

Virtually all of the press opposed Trump, and after ridiculing his bid for the nomination as mad and an enjoyable occasion for an egotistical billionaire buffoon to make a complete ass of himself at great expense to himself and the profound mirth of the journalists, they lapsed into a slightly uneasy assurance, when he was nominated: It was a bit surprising that he demolished the Bush-McCain-Romney centrists, but the Clintons were unstoppable, his defeat was practically certain and a matter of national deliverance from evil and garish foolishness in the showdown with the invincible Hillary.

Even those within the media who professed to favor the Republicans were almost exclusively defeatists. Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal, two weeks before the election, wrote as if it were six months later, lamenting President Clinton’s policies that will flatline the economy and entrench political correctness and tinkering judges, and disparaging Trump for having run such an inept campaign that he fumbled away the last chance to stop the socialized rot of the national state. Despite the failure of the Billy Bush tape to serve the purpose for which it had long been held in reserve, to be the coup de grâce; despite even the inability of FBI director James to quell a revolt within the Bureau against the whitewash that had been performed for Mrs. Clinton in the e-mails affair — the national media were almost unanimous in predicting a Clinton victory. It would probably not be on the Goldwater-McGovern-Mondale scale that had been hoped and expected; Trump had proved to be a tenacious candidate of inexhaustible energy and inexplicably wide popularity. But the all-forgiven Hillary would save America and the world from the great mountebank.

As the Democrats had no argument for reelection on their merits, their only campaign was a personal denigration of Trump. It was the nastiest campaign of modern American history, but also the most entertaining. Trump responded to the Billy Bush tape by trotting out at the second debate three women who signed affidavits that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted them. In general, the media hyped the anti-Trump onslaught and under-reported his counterattacks, but he made up for it with his antic activity in the social media and the heavy support he enjoyed on the talk-show circuit. At the least, the campaign was a divertissement. Trump ran against all factions of both parties, almost all the national media, political academia, Wall Street, and the claque of opinionated limousine-liberal idiots in Hollywood. While Trump threw as much mud as Clinton, and had as enticing a target, he also promised the enactment of a drastic revision to the tax, health-care, election-financing, and environmental-regulation regimes, and the resurrection of the foreign policy of a Great Power, a prudent but reliable ally of kindred states.

It is not surprising that the Republican leadership that Trump had steamrollered are not enthused by him. And it is this small group of Republican senators — McCain, Graham, Rubio, and others — who are the hinge for the enactment of Trump’s radical populist and conservative program. He needs their votes in the Senate, and the country wants the program. They appear to be snapping churlishly at the president after his more infelicitous outbursts, but remaining with the administration when the bells ring for a Senate vote. The tactic of the Democrats and their fellow travelers in the national media are to invent and amplify false stories, “fake news” such as the golden-shower fraud (the allegation that Trump organized a group of prostitutes to urinate in a bed in a Moscow hotel because the Obamas had once slept in it) and the fabrication that Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the Oval Office. Each incident of the slightest potential to embarrass the administration is instantly splashed across the media to inflict as much damage as possible on the president, and immobilize him before he can enact his reforms and assume a stature in the political workings of the country that restores to the presidency the authority it has enjoyed when the occupant was generally judged to be effective and competent. These are conditions that, apart from a brief consolidation of support around George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks and a short interlude with the incoming Obama, have not existed since the first Clinton term.

At one level, it is understandable that the media are fighting to defeat the man who has outed them as myth-makers complicit in the shameful misgovernment of the country for the longest such period in the country’s history. And the media’s discomfort is compounded by the decline of their principal outlets. All the newspapers and most of the television networks are struggling and losing audience for competitive and technological reasons and owing to the fragmentation of the news market. It is understandable but inexcusable. Their primary duty and only raison d’être as reporters of news is to be responsible and professional. They hyped the golden shower and the nonsense of improper Trump relations with Russia. There has never been any evidence of that; it is impossible that Russia could have influenced the election result, but Obama, whose Russian policy was a total failure, and whose investigators couldn’t find any evidence of impropriety in the two months following the election, imposed sanctions against Russia anyway to keep the myth going. Tom Friedman, the ne plus ultra of New York Times Democratic partisans and Obama groupies, solemnly gabbled out the assertion that the Trump-Russia connection and Russia’s completely unsubstantiated intervention in the U.S. election were an assault on the country on the scale of the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Friedman has tested the patience of serious readers for years by being the pub bore about Israeli settlements and the need for every newborn child in the world to have a laptop, but this sally incited the inference that he has gone stark, raving mad. David Brooks wrote in the New York Times on February 17 that Trump would not complete his term, because he would bring unimaginable disgrace on himself. His critics alternate between being the boy who cried wolf at fake scandals and issuing fatuous expressions of confidence in his imminent self-destruction.

The travel executive order was sloppily formulated, but the overreaction to it, the violence at Berkeley, mobbing of airports, demonstrations all over the Western world, Senator Schumer sniveling and saying that the Statue of Liberty was weeping too, was insane. Democratic judge-shopping quickly found West Coast judges happy to exceed their jurisdictions and purport to usurp the president’s powers. But the hoped-for result, that Trump would blow up and ignore them, enabling ululations of impeachment to arise, were frustrated. Trump shifted to intensive screening at point of arrival rather than departure, and was the soul of compliance. This has had the supplementary benefit of rebutting the spurious charge that he is an autocrat, the allegation that succeeded to the previous claims of racism and sexism, which the president’s conduct has, in Watergatese, rendered “inoperative.” It is really Trump who is goading his opponents and driving them to overreact and make absurd accusations that vanish within a few days. The media, in their smug purblindness, think the administration is coming apart, as the latest jeremiad from Mr. Henninger put it (Wall Street Journal, February 16), “Donald Trump’s presidency is getting bitten to death by an invisible, lethal ant hill of anonymous leakers.” Henninger, too, fears the immobilization, though not the impeachment potential, of Watergate. There is not the slightest comparison to be made, but the nostalgic invocation of one by Dan Rather, a bedraggled, discredited survivor of the Nixon-assassination squad, has been seized upon to circulate this new Never Trump fantasy.

Henninger, Brooks, and most of the rest of the media miss the point. If Trump can hold the Republicans who are resentful of him personally, and produce his health-care and tax reforms promptly and as promised, they will pass and the country will have turned the corner away from 20 years of generally inept government. Trump has done nothing but win, while the laughter of his detractors slowly turned to cold terror, thinly disguised as moral outrage and patriotic sensibility, accented by the misplaced snobbery of the highbrow Right. The country will be grateful for a fairer, simpler tax system, and a better health-care plan than the Obamacare fiasco. If that is what emerges, the atmosphere will settle down in Washington, and the Republican stragglers will stop playing footsie with the opposition and the Democrats will start to rebuild, as parties do after defeats. No one but a centenarian of faltering mind could regard Schumer and Pelosi as the future.

Understood in the proper way, ‘enemies of the people’ is a justified statement.

That leaves the press, and the president’s elevation of his counterattacks on the “failing” New York Times, CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN as “enemies of the people.” Provided that what is meant is that those outlets have been so slanted and malicious that they have misled the declining section of the country that takes them seriously and that this is inimical to the country’s democratic desire for an informed electorate, it is a justified statement. The recent political coverage of those outlets has been a disgrace and the failure to realize that reveals the moral bankruptcy of most of the U.S. national media. “Enemies of the people” is no more meant to replicate the actions of the French Revolutionary Committee of Public Safety and Lenin’s Politburo, which used the expression, than “America First” was meant to incite the effectively pro-Nazi isolationism championed by Colonel Charles Lindbergh under that banner in 1939–41. The national media have failed the country badly, on balance, and are now fighting the retreating action side by side with the rejected Democrats, which is not their role.

Will Rahn was correct when he wrote just after the election that the media response would be not that Trump’s followers were not all “deplorable” lager louts and couch potatoes after all, but that there were more of such people than they had thought. Partly because of his own antics and partly because of the bruising campaigns he has been through, this president has lower trust levels than most of his recent predecessors, especially as most of them had been honeymooning at this point. But his credibility still runs well ahead of that of the national media, according to a range of the polls. If Trump and Ryan and Price can deliver their tax and health-care reforms, Donald Trump will have stormed Babylon and razed its hierarchical structure to the ground, as his supporters elected him to do. The Democrats’ fears, though not their tactics, are justified; the media’s unprofessional and dishonest calumnies are not. The media should revisit their boycott of the president and contemplate their own shortcomings. It is they, and not he, who threatens a free press. Trump, and the country, will win.

— Conrad Black is the author of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom, Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full, and Flight of the Eagle: The Grand Strategies That Brought America from Colonial Dependence to World Leadership

      The Cow informed Boy that he can have a car if he is valedictorian. Boy has a bad
      attitude about moo-lah...especially the Cow's!

                                    Cow pays somebody else to yell at Poca

                  If you work them hard enough, they don't keep you up at night

                              Dad getting off of a Ford Tri-motor for the first time in 1929

                        Dad getting off of a Ford Tri-motor for the second time in 2017.
Hay! He's wearing the Cow's VMA-311 flight jacket!

The Cow made his annual business trip to Daytona to entertain clients and enjoy
ExxonMobil's world-class hospitality.

Take it from the Cow, if you are going to go to a boring motor race, spend it in a suite that you don't have to pay for (individual mileage varies)

This was the Cow's fifth straight Daytona, and he gets to go to a party the night before with Tony Stewart and the four drivers on the ExxonMobil team. Danica Patrick generously lets the Cow sit with her, so he's never actually spoken to the other three drivers.

Cow:        "You know Danica, the Cow isn't really a NASCAR fan."

Danica:     "You know Cow, most of my fans aren't either."

Whenever the Cow travels, Poca sends him photos of abdominal progress

Lots of abdominal progress!

But when Cow gets back, it's just "Get out there and cook!"

Boy was great guns to go to Trump Doral, celebrate Mom's birthday, and "eat the world's
biggest steak with fries!"

Boy's great guns didn't survive first contact with a comfortable chair after a day spent
on trampolines....

Boy lasted long enough to snap a photo . . . barely.

Almost got Boy to the front door before narcolepsy returned

Blue eyes can't look into the sun; brown eyes can

9 March 2017

Most folks don't wish to be photographed with the Cow; force is required

There's nothing like reserved parking at the golf course--thanks Mr. Trump!

"The better to punch you with, Mr. Cow"

Back from Charleston, SC

After many years of searching, the Cow has found someone who thinks he's a genius!

1 April fools . . . and a dog named Lily

3-month-old Lily goes to work with Cow, but she has too much energy... least she did until she started chasing Cow over 10 acres in his golf cart!

A tired poodle is a happy poodle!

When Lily was a puppy, somebody didn't wipe their feet before walking on her back

The Cow tried to teach Boy how to do this face-down...

Julieta visiting from Cali, Colombia

At Trump Doral, 27 April 2017

Sunday means Worcestershire, Old Bay, and Tony Chachere in the backyard, 30 April

Lily, back from four weeks with the dog whisperer 1 May...

...and back to work with the Cow on 2 May

Small office disagreement over work and play schedules

"Very funny, Cow. This time I'm in the golf cart and you run!"

Caught in the act. The dog toys don't compare to old shoes

3 May: the inevitable, sad day when Lily learned how to jump into the golf cart on the fly

"Sushi Night" starts at sunset

"Yes, we are ready to order a roll this big!"

Where did she learn to be so protective of her beer?


The food critics....

She's a coward, but she's an obedient coward

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