Winter - Spring 2019

We are back in cruise ship season and the Cow is working six days per week for a few months. Boy is looking forward to the end of sixth grade and Poca is trying to make use of her real estate license . . . along with a million others in Florida.

Welcome aboard, Sam Siam!

The Cow just got done repainting the house. Only Cow and boy like green....

We really like green....

What real estate agents REALLY do: go to the beach in February

Happy Brithday Poca!

Sam works at the office with Cow

He's opinionated

But Sam likes a gook bike ride after dinner

A typical scene in the playroom: computer games eclipse Sam

Sam likes to sit in the tree while Cow waters the garden

The Cow is finally growing pineapple in the back yard

I swear, he wasn't here when the Cow fell asleep...

This Page Updated: 5 June 2019