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The virtual Pasture exists to keep distant friends and colleagues current with the Cow's latest projects and activities (see "moonthly update" in the table of contents at left).   It is updated regularly and may aggravate those who imagine that they enjoy a Constitutional right to proceed through life unoffended (you socialists know who you are).

Those who frequented the pasture between 1995 and 2005 will note the absence of some previous features.   Ultimately, the ubiquitous nature of the information revolution has made it too difficult to separate frivolity from seriousity (this should be a real word).   For those who resolve to search for back doors to the old files, here is another neologism: "anticipointment."   The Cow has finally mooved out of federal service and is grazing much greener pastures of palm trees, moojitos, piņa cowladas, and moogaritas.   Whether at home or abroad, the Bovine is never incowmunicado if you click on the "Moo Mail" tab in the left margin!

Standard Disclaimer: The opinions, conclusions and recommendations expressed or implied in the Pasture are purely those of the Cow, and now that he has joined the ranks of sillyvilians, he can give interviews to Rolling Stone and Cowsmopolitan anytime he feels like it.