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The virtual Pasture exists to keep distant friends and colleagues current with the Cow's latest adventures (see "moonthly update" in the table of contents at left).   It is revised regularly and doesn't always adhere strictly to objective reality. The Cow reserves the right to manipulate images and tell outrageous lies to support the appearance that he dates supermodels, brews beer, and is the perfect hedonist.

Those who frequented the pasture between 1995 and 2005 will note the absence of some previous features, as devolving liberal affectations have taken some of the fun out of life. To be sure, the Cow remains as debauched and slippery as any tailhooker; he simply prefers that the feminized, "correct" gentry do their own research.   Whether at home or abroad, the Bovine is never incowmunicado if you click on the "Moo Mail" tab in the left margin!

Standard Disclaimer: The opinions, conclusions and recommendations expressed or implied in the Pasture are purely those of Cowmakaze, the Bovine Wind, not any oil company, brewery, nor modeling agency. Hard to believe, given his fashion sense: